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Reads all the System.Type in the main entities assembly that inherit from ModifiableEntity and are non-abstract, generates default xaml views for them, the .xaml.cs file with the code behind and, after grouping by module name, generates also the Client files that registers the views.

Call Tree

This tree shows the call hierarchy or the methods, all protected and virtual so you can override them.

  • GenerateWindowsFromEntities
    • GetSolutionInfo
    • foreach module in GetModules
      1. WriteClientFile and GetClientFileName
        • GetClienUsingNamespaces
        • GetClientNamespace
        • WriteClientClass
          • WriteStartMethod
            • WritetEntitySettings
              • GetEntitySetting
            • WritetOperationSettings
      • foreach type in module
        • WriteViewFile and GetViewFileName
          • foreach p in GetProperties
            • GetViewNamespace
            • GetViewName
            • `GetViewUsingNamespaces
            • WriteProperty
              • case WriteEntityProperty
              • case WriteEmbeddedProperty
              • case WriteMListProperty
              • case WriteValueLine
        • WriteViewCodeBehindFile
          • GetViewCodeBehindUsingNamespaces
          • GetViewNamespace
          • WriteViewCodeBehindClass