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npm install --save @types/d3


This package contains type definitions for D3JS d3 standard bundle (


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Additional Details

  • Last updated: Sat, 10 Feb 2018 21:44:46 GMT
  • Dependencies: d3-array, d3-axis, d3-brush, d3-chord, d3-collection, d3-color, d3-contour, d3-dispatch, d3-drag, d3-dsv, d3-ease, d3-fetch, d3-force, d3-format, d3-geo, d3-hierarchy, d3-interpolate, d3-path, d3-polygon, d3-quadtree, d3-random, d3-scale, d3-scale-chromatic, d3-selection, d3-shape, d3-time, d3-time-format, d3-timer, d3-transition, d3-voronoi, d3-zoom
  • Global values: d3


These definitions were written by Tom Wanzek, Alex Ford, Boris Yankov