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DateTimePicker is a drop-down control with a TextBox for writing dates and a WPF Calendar inside of the Popup. It's useful for selecting a date, just like Calendar, but it takes much less space and allows you to write the date manually.

Here are the most important properties in DateTimePicker class:

public class DateTimePicker: Control
   public DateTime? SelectedDate;
   public bool IsReadOnly;   
   public bool IsEditable;
   public DateTimeConverter DateTimeConverter; 
  • SelectedDate: The actual selected date. null if nothing is selected. Default is null.
  • IsReadOnly: When true, the SelectedDate can't be changed from the user interface.
  • IsEditable: Enables free text modification using the TextBox.
  • DateTimeConverter: Get and set the current DateTimeConverter, a mixture of IValueConverter and ValidationRule to make the string to DateTime conversions and notify if it's not possible. Default is DateTimeConverter.DateAndTime.

DateTimeConverter class contains two readonly static fields with DateTimeConverter instances already created:

  • DateOnly: Uses "g" format for the conversion and validation.
  • DateAndTime: Use "d" format for the conversion and validation.

but feel free to write your own if necessary.