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A NumericTextBox extends TextBox to allow easy manipulation of numeric values.

Internally it just uses a Converter to convert string to decimal and the other way around. So it doesn't force you to write only numeric characters (allowing Copy-Paste), but will be boxed with a red square if the input is not a valid number.

public class NumericTextBox : TextBox
    public decimal? Value 
    public decimal LargeIncrement  
    public decimal SmallIncrement 
    public NullableDecimalConverter NullableDecimalConverter 
    public event RoutedPropertyChangedEventHandler<decimal?> ValueChanged
  • Value: Returns the TextBox text converted to decimal if possible, null otherwise.
  • LargeIncrement: Fixes the amount of increment when Shift+Up/Shift+Down keys are pressed. Default value is 10m.
  • SmallIncrement: Fixes the amount of increment when Up/Down keys are pressed. Default value is 1.0m.
  • NullableDecimalConverter: Get and set the current NullableDecimalConverter, a mixture of IValueConverter and ValidationRule to make the string to decimal conversions and notify if it's not possible errors. Default is NullableDecimalConverter.Number.

NullableDecimalConverter class contains two read-only static fields with NullableDecimalConverter instances already created, but you can create your own:

  • Number: Uses "N0" format for the conversion.
  • Integer: Uses "N2" format for the conversion.