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The documentation comes from the Markdown files in the source code, so is always up-to-date but available only in English. Enjoy!

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Server class

Server static class is the main class for the client application to communicate with the server. Internally it's just a holder of your Server WCF TransparentProxy.

It's your responsibility to plug a WPF TransparentProxy that implements IBaseServer into Server static class using SetNewServerCallback as we seen in Service.

public static class Server
    public static void SetNewServerCallback(Func<IBaseServer> server);

Execute and Return

Unfortunately, WPF Transparent Proxies can become a corrupt when a communication exception happens and they become unusable, the Server needs a way to restore communication. Two kind of exceptions could happen:

  • Session Expired: In this case the most convenient is to reconnect and retry the operation that causes the error. Maybe showing a log-in windows if necessary.
  • Any Unexpected Exception: Abort and show to the user.

In order to allow this retry functionality, the calls to the server have to be made using a lambda and calling Serve.Execute or Server.Return:

public static class Server
    public static void Execute<S>(Action<S> action) where S : class
    public static R Return<S, R>(Func<S, R> function) where S : class

In both cases, the parameter S corresponds to one particular interface implemented by your server, so by using this syntax we get two benefits:

  • The Server class automatically retries on case of Session Expired.
  • Your code becomes more modular, working in any application that has a service that implements this interface, without relying in one particular interface specific of one application.


Server.Return((IBaseServer s) => s.Retrieve(typeof(PersonEntity), id)); 
Server.Execute((IDynamicQueryServer s) => s.ExecuteQuery(request)); 

Connecting event

Server.Connecting is a Action event can be used to download some information just after the server is connected. Think of it as the equivalent of Schema.Initialize for the client side.

OnOperation event

Server.OnOperation is a Action<OperationContext> event will be called on every Execute and Return method and gives you the opportunity to add some custom information. For example, the Isolation module uses it to implicitly transfer the current IsolationEntity.

Database-like methods

Additionally, Server class defines a set of static methods, some of them extensional, to simplify the client code by exposing some of the funcionality in the

public static class Server
    public static T Save<T>(this T entidad) where T : Entity
    public static Entity Save(Entity entidad)

    public static bool Exists<T>(int id) where T : Entity
    public static bool Exists<T>(Lite<T> lite) where T : class, IEntity
    public static bool Exists<T>(T entity) where T : class, IEntity

    public static T Retrieve<T>(int id) where T : Entity
    public static Entity Retrieve(Type type, int id)
    public static T Retrieve<T>(this Lite<T> lite) where T : class, IEntity
    public static T RetrieveAndForget<T>(this Lite<T> lite) where T : class, IEntity

    public static List<T> RetrieveAll<T>() where T : Entity
    public static List<Entity> RetrieveAll(Type type)

    public static Lite<T> FillToStr<T>(this Lite<T> lite) where T : class, IEntity

    public static List<Lite<Entity>> RetrieveAllLite(Type type)
    public static List<Lite<T>> RetrieveAllLite<T>() where T : class, IEntity    


Server class also provides a bunch of methods and public dictionaries to find the types registered in the server schema, and the implementations of any PropertyRoute (could potentially be polymorphic and overriden in the SchemaSettings).

public static class Server
    public static Dictionary<Type, TypeEntity> ServerTypes { get; }
    public static Dictionary<string, Type> NameToType { get; }

    public static Type GetType(string cleanName) //Throws exception if not found
    public static Type TryGetType(string cleanName) //returns null if not found
    public static Implementations FindImplementations(PropertyRoute propertyRoute)


Finally Server class exposes method to convert Lite<T> to Entity by calling Retrieve and back (ToLite):

public static class Server
    public static object Convert(object obj, Type type)
    public static bool CanConvert(object obj, Type type)