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SelectorWindow shows a small modal windows with different options, each of them represented by a button that will select the option and close the windows at the same time.

SelectorWindows is used by the framework to let the user choose between the different Implementations or the different Constructor if there are more than one registered, but you can use it in your own business work-flows to let the user chose an item among a small list of options.

Just as MessageBox, SelectorWindow is meant to be used in one line of code, using ShowDialog generic method:

public partial class SelectorWindow : Window
   public static bool ShowDialog<T>(IEnumerable<T> elements, out T selectedElement,
       Func<T, ImageSource> elementIcon = null,
       Func<T, string> elementText = null,
       string title = null,
       string message = null,
       bool autoSelectOnlyElement = true,
       Window owner = null)
  • elements: The list of options to choose from.
  • selectedElement: The selected element if ShowDialog returns true, default(T) otherwise.
  • elementIcon: Optional function to give each option button an icon.
  • elementText: Optional function to override the text in each option button. ToString used by default.
  • title: The title use by the windows. The NiceToString of SelectAnElement used by default.
  • message: The message that will be written above the option buttons. The NiceToString of SelectAnElement used by default.
  • autoSelectOnlyElement: true to not even open the windows if there's just one option. true is default.
  • owner: To set the Windows.Owner.