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WidgetPanel control is the control that is typically at the right side of the entity. It contains a place for widgets that can be registered for any entity.

WidgetPanel is not meant to provide direct access to add Widgets imperatively, instead you have to register a function in the GetWidgets and is static:

public partial class WidgetPanel : UserControl
    public static event GetWidgetDelegate GetWidgets; 

The event will provide you the current entity and control, and you can return a control that implements IWidget or null.

public delegate IWidget GetWidgetDelegate(ModifiableEntity entity, Control mainControl); 

An IWidget is jut any control that exposes an optional ForceShow event that, when raised, will make the WidgetPanel visible if it was collapsed.

public interface IWidget
    event Action ForceShow;


WidgetPanel.GetWidgets += (obj, mainControl) => new LinksWidget() { Control = mainControl };