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The documentation comes from the Markdown files in the source code, so is always up-to-date but available only in English. Enjoy!

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Returns a “StringLikeThis” into a normal “String Like This”. By default preserves uppercase in English but it doesn't in other languages like Spanish.

public static string SpacePascal(this string pascalStr)
public static string SpacePascal(this string pascalStr, bool preserveUppercase)


"FirstName".SpacePascal(); // running on a en-US thread, returns "First Name"
"FirstName".SpacePascal(false); // retursn "First name"
"PrimerApellido".SpacePascal(); // running on a es-ES thread, returns "Primer apellido"


If the string has '_', splits by '_', otherwise uses SpacePascal. Used for default description for field, types and properties.

public static string NiceName(this string memberName)

"FirstName".NiceName(); // returns "First Name" "First_Name".NiceName(); // returns "First Name"