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This class records aggregate performance information of actions in a dictionary.

public static class TimeTracker
   public static Dictionary<string, TimeTrackerEntry> IdentifiedElapseds;

   public static T Start<T>(string identifier, Func<T> func)
   public static IDisposable Start(string identifier)

   public static string GetTableString()

Just one TimeTrackerEntry will be stored for each different identifier, so as long as they are stable is is safe to use TimeTracker in production scenarios.

public class TimeTrackerEntry
    public long LastTime = 0;
    public DateTime LastDate;

    public long MinTime;
    public DateTime MinDate;
    public long MaxTime;
    public DateTime MaxDate;

    public long TotalTime;
    public int Count;

    public double Average {get;}

    public override string ToString()
        return "Last: {0}ms, Min: {1}ms, Avg: {2}ms, Max: {3}ms, Count: {4}".FormatWith(
            LastTime, MinTime, Average, MaxTime, Count);