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In the same way throwing an Exception is an agnostic way of communicating errors, so you can throw an exception from 'pure' logic assembly and it can be cached and displayed in different ways in a ASP.Net, WinForms or WPF application, ProgressProxy class tries to make a agnostic way of communicating progress (to the user interface, presumably).

ProgressProxy allows both a numerical (min, max, position, for a ProgressBar usually) way of indicating progress and a textual one ("Removing C:\Windows folder", "Fixing Registry Mess",...)

public class ProgressProxy
    //Event that notifies to the user interface about progress changes
    public event EventHandler<ProgressArgs> Changed;
    //Values for a ProgressBar
    public int Min {get;}
    public int Max {get;}    
    public int Position {get; set;} //-1 if no numeric progress enabled
    //Textural representation of the current task
    public string CurrentTask {get; set;}
    //Methods to initiate a new task
    public void Start(int max)
    public void Start(string currentTask)
    public void Start(int max, string currentTask)
    public void Start(int min, int max, string currentTask, int? position = null)

    //Sets currentTask and icrements position 1 (otherwise use CurrentTask property setter)
    public void NextTask(string currentTask)
    //Sets position and currentTask throwing just one event
    public void NextTask(int position, string currentTask)

    public void Reset()

public class ProgressArgs : EventArgs
    public readonly ProgressAction Action;
    public ProgressArgs(ProgressAction a)

public enum ProgressAction
    Interval = 1, //When Min and Max has changed
    Position = 2, //When Position have changed
    Task = 4, //When current task have changed


//Pure logic code
private static void Sleep(ProgressProxy pp)
    pp.Start("Getting Into bed"); 
    pp.Start(10, "Counting sheeps");
    for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
        pp.Position = i;
    pp.Start(3); //Dreams
    pp.NextTask("Dream 1: Donuts");
    pp.NextTask("Dream 2: Beeer...");
    pp.NextTask("Dream 3: Nuclear Plant failure!!!");


//Called from a Console Application
ProgressProxy pp = new ProgressProxy();
pp.Changed += (sender, pa) =>
    if ((pa.Action & ProgressAction.Task) != 0)
        Console.WriteLine("{0}", pp.CurrentTask);

    if (pp.Position != -1 )
        int progress = (10 * (pp.Position - pp.Min)) / (pp.Max - pp.Min);
        string str = ".".Replicate(progress).PadRight(10);
        Console.WriteLine("[{0}] ", str);

//Getting Into bed
//Counting sheep
//[          ]
//[          ]
//[..        ]
//[....      ]
//[......    ]
//[........  ]
//[          ]
//Dream 1: Donuts
//[...       ]
//Dream 2: Beeer...
//[......    ]
//Dream 3: Nuclear Plant failure!!!
//[          ]