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Reads the database schema using SchemaSynchronizer.DefaultGetDatabaseDescription and generates all the entity classes, including operations.

Typically, one entity per table is generated with field attributes (SqlDbTypeAttribute, ColumnAttribute, TableAttribute, PrimaryKeyAttribute...) so that once the entities are included in the Schema and Signum takes control of the database schema, executing the Synchronized should produce minimal changes.

More than one entity can be written in the same class if GetFileName returns the same value.

EntityCodeGenerator is also able to create MList<T> fields and EmbeddedEntity classes for some tables, he uses some heuristics but you can override GetMListInfo to teach it which tables should be considered MList<T>.

Finally, you can manipulate the source database information by overwriting GetTables to remove redundant columns, add foreign keys, etc.. to help EntityCodeGenerator create better classes.

Call Tree

This tree shows the call hierarchy or the methods, all protected and virtual so you can override them.

  • GenerateEntitiesFromDatabaseTables
    1. GetTables
      • SchemaSynchronizer.DefaultGetDatabaseDescription
    • GetSolutionInfo
    • Foreach table, grouped by GetFileName:
      • WriteFile
        • GetUsingNamespaces
        • Foreach table in the file
          • WriteTableEntity
            1. If GetMListInfo is not null
              • If is trivial return null
              • Otherwise WriteEmbeddedEntity
            • If IsEnum call WriteEnum
            • Otherwise WriteEntity
              • GetEntityName
              • GetEntityAttributes
                • GetEntityKind and GetEntityData
                • GetTableNameAttribute
                • GetPrimaryKeyAttribute
                  • GetPrimaryKeyColumn
                  • GetValueType
                  • GetSqlDbTypeParts
                • GetTicksColumnAttribute
              • GetBaseClass
              • WriteBeforeFields
              • Foreach column in table
                • WriteField
                  • GetRelatedEntity
                  • GetFieldType
                  • GetFieldName
                  • GetFieldAttributes
                    • HasNotNullableAttribute
                    • GetSqlTypeAttribute
                    • GetSqlDbTypeParts
                    • DefaultColumnName
                    • HasUniqueIndex
                  • GetPropertyAttributes
                    • HasNotNullValidator
                  • IsReadonly
              • Foreach relatedTable referencing to table
                • If GetMListInfo is null, skip
                • WriteFieldMList
                  • if MList of EmbeddedEntities
                    • GetEntityName
                  • else (MList of trivial Entity relationships or values)
                    • GetRelatedEntity
                    • GetFieldType
                    • GetFieldAttributes
                  • GetPrimaryKeyAttribute
                  • GetTableNameAttribute
                  • GetBackColumnNameAttribute
                  • GetFieldMListName
              • WriteAfterFields
              • WriteToString
                • GetToStringColumn
              • WriteOperations
                • If GetEntityKind is not Main, Shared or String, skip
                • GetOperationName