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Reads all the System.Type in the main entities assembly that inherit from Entity and are non-abstract, and, after grouping by module name, generates logic files that include:

  • The sb.Include<T>() instructions to include each entity types in the database schema.
  • The QueryLogic.Queries.Register(key, query) instructions to register the default query for each type.
  • The new Graph<T>.Execute(key) {}.Register() instructions to register the operations declared for the type.

Additionally, the module is also able to declare expression queries to simplify navigating relationships backwards in the business logic, or also register them in QueryLogic.Queries to let end users do the same in the SearchControl.

Call Tree

This tree shows the call hierarchy or the methods, all protected and virtual so you can override them.

  • GenerateLogicFromEntities
    • foreach mod in GetModules using (CandiateTypes and CodeGenerator.GetModules)
      • WriteFile
        1. foreach type in module
          • GetExpressions(type)
            • ShouldWriteExpression
        • GetUsingNamespaces
        • GetNamespace
        • WriteLogicClass
          • foreach expression
            • WriteExpressionMethod
          • WriteStartMethod
            1. foreach type in module
              • WriteInclude
                • ShouldWriteSimpleOperations (for Save)
                • ShouldWriteSimpleOperations (for Delete)
                • ShouldWriteSimpleQuery
              • `WriteQuery``
              • WriteOperations
                • foreach operation in GetOperationsSymbols(type)
                  • WriteOperation
                    • case WriteExecuteOperation
                    • case WriteDeleteOperation
                    • case WriteConstructFrom
                    • case WriteConstructFromMany
                    • case WriteConstructSimple