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Reads all the System.Type in the main entities assembly that inherit from ModifiableEntity and are non-abstract, generates default cshtml views for them and, after grouping by module name, generates the Client file and an empty TypeScript file to write the code-behind:

Call Tree

This tree shows the call hierarchy or the methods, all protected and virtual so you can override them.

  • GenerateWebFromEntities
    • GetSolutionInfo
    • foreach module in GetModules
      1. WriteClientFile and GetClientFileName
        • GetClienUsingNamespaces
        • GetClientNamespace
        • WriteClientClass
          • GetViewPrefix
          • GetJsModule
          • WriteStartMethod
            • WritetEntitySettings
              • GetEntitySetting
            • WritetOperationSettings
      • WriteTypeScriptFile and GetTypeScriptFileName
      • foreach type in module
        • WriteViewFile and GetViewFileName
          • GetViewUsingNamespaces
          • foreach p in GetProperties
            • WriteProperty
              • case WriteEntityProperty
              • case WriteEmbeddedProperty
              • case WriteMListProperty
              • case WriteValueLine