Attach alerts to any entity and come back at the right time.

Some entities require special care. A customer you have to call, a product you need to discount, or an invoice you have to pay.

Alerts module will add a widget to any entity to create new alerts or view the current ones.

Alert fields

Every Alert has the same fields than a note:

  • Title and text
  • Associated entity
  • Time and user that created it
  • Optional Alert type (useful to differentiate automatically generated alerts)

And some Alert specific ones:

  • Alert date
  • User that attended the alert
  • Alert state (New, Saved, Attended)
  • Calculated state that depends on time (Attended, Alerted, Future)

Just as any other entity, more fields can be added to Alerts using Mixins.

Alert widget

The alert widget, integrated in the related entity (in Signum.Windows or Signum.Web) let's you see at a glance it the entity has alerts, and hoy many of them are in currently in Alerted state.

Generating Alerts programmatically

A simple API let you create alerts in your business logic on any operation, process or scheduled task. This is a great way for your application to communicate unstructured information to the users that needs to be attended. (e.g., some direct debit payments have been returned, and the user has to decide to retry or cancel contract)

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