Build anything... at run-time

While Signum Framework bets for strongly-typed applications, sometimes a deployment is a high burden for rapidly changing applications that require new entities, validations, views, expressions that will only be used from short-term promotions, or for some particular customers. 

This gives end-users new user interfaces to define and re-define different parts of the application without requiring a new deploy: 

  • Dynamic Type: Allows end-users to create new entities with properties, indexes, operations and default query.
  • Dynamic Mixins: Allows end-users to expand existing static entities with new properties.
  • Dynamic Validation: Allows creating new validation rules your static or dynamic entities.
  • Dynamic Expression: Allows creating new expression methods for static or dynamic entities that can be used on the Search Control, Charting, Email Templates or Word reports. 
  • Dynamic Views: Allows defining or overriding the current screens for editing entities with and interactive WYSIWYG editor.

Note: This modules sometimes require writing C# or Javascript to control the behaviour of the application, and depending on the change could require a fast restart of the server of the execution of automatic SQL migrations. 

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