Export to Excel with two click, custom Excel reports just some more.

Plain Excel

Using Microsoft Office Open XML format, Reporting module is able to export to Excel the results of any search dialog (or chart groupping). No Microsoft Office installation required in the server.

The feature couldn't be more simple: A new menu appears in all the Search controls to download a .xlsx file with the content you're viewing, respecting the selected filters, columns, orders and pagination. A new query is made to generate the excel so it's possible to remove pagination and export to excel without pressing search.

Excel Reports

Once a plain excel has been exported, new Sheets can be created using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts that take the data from the main sheet (data). Once the result is satisfying, the new report can be uploaded to the server and downloaded in the future with new data. 

Programming Excel Reports

If you need full control writing a custom Excel report in OOXML, a set of extensions over the DocumentFormat API will help you do it.

Word reports coming soon…

We do have a legacy technology for creating word templates, but is not ready for showtime jet. Contact us if you need a solution soon.

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