Emails, Templates, Newsletters, POP3... something else?

Basic Email Sending

The bare minimum you can ask to an e-mail system is to store any email sent to a user, know if the email was successfully sent, and avoid sending emails in non-production environments. Still, most custom applications don’t have a centralized email system that can do just that.

Email Templates

On top of that, we have a powerful templating system that, using the same technology that the search control uses, lets the end-user inject in the email any database column reachable from the base query. Using a simple syntax, the end-user can create complex emails with loops, ifs and groupings (i.e., Invoice, flight information).

The emails templates can be associated with some business workflows (i.e., Reset password, Purchase complete, ...), or just be created for special one-time purposes (i.e., Sorry for the downtime yesterday, Last hour discount, ...).


Newsletter use the same templating technology but, build on top of Process module, let you send emails in a much bigger scale.

POP3 Reception

Emails are a problem, they replicate the information all the time, making it impossible to have one source of true. Unfortunately they are also the standard that your clients are provided are going to use by default.

With our POP3 module you’ll be able to receive their emails from any POP3 account and integrate them in your application. We have our own web-mail to simplify associating emails with tickets, but can also be used for any kind of automated email processing.

Parsing emails is also quite hard, our MIME parser has been battle-tested with thousands of different emails, supporting different languages, encodings, charsets, attachments...

Contact us if you need more advanced capabilities, like receiving RTF emails from Outlook or solving CSS problems integrating e-mails in your web application without IFrames. 



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