The whole application, a few keystrokes away.

Search is the king. For big applications with hundreds of tables, designing and maintaining a traditional menu is unproductive, and nothing beats a search box when you know what you’re looking for.

Omnibox Providers

Omnibox module, available on windows and web, gives you a fully-featured search box that, out of the box, is able to find:

  • Any query (or type) in the application, bringing you to the search dialog and, optionally, specify filters directly in the Omnibox.
  • Any concrete entity instances, by type and id, or type and ToString (primary text representation), bringing you directly to the particular entity.
  • Chart any query.
  • Any registered user query, by its name. Giving this user-generated assets in pair in integration with the queries hard-coded in the application. 
  • Any registered user chart, by its name.
  • Any registered dashboard, by its name. 
  • Any special technical page (i.e, profiler, process control panel, scheduler control panel, etc...)

Additionally, the Omnibox system can be expanded with custom providers, giving your application the possibility to search with any other format or in any other resource.

Fault-tolerant Parsing

Omnibox syntax has been battle-tested for real use. 

  • You can match any token  (i.e., Table name, Column name, ...) with StartsWith, Contains or PascalCase.
  • The common queries are resolved in-memory, targeting the Schema, the DynamicQueryManager, etc... ensuring good performance.
  • Queries that will reach the database use numbers or strings between quotes. By having a different syntax, the user has a clue to avoid queries that could take longer. The quotes are auto-closed for typing speed.


Finally, all the providers respond to the query ‘help’ (in any language) with their command syntax description, so you don’t have to remember each particular syntax. 

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