Simple profiling of complex code.

Instrumented Code

Signum framework code is already instrumented for, if required, save run-time information on every database query, operation, LINQ translation, WPF / ASP.Net request, or other method calls that are expected to take more than 15 ms.

Because of this, our profiler has a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Heavy Profiler

Just enable the profiler, run the slow code, and see the results. A graphic user interface that is simple and to the point does the rest.

Full stack traces will be provided for any result, so you can find the slow code quickly. You’ll be surprised by the causes of the performance problems, and fix the code in a breeze.

This instrumentation is only recording information when enabled, and automatically disabled after 5 minutes, so you can not forget it and blow up the server memory. This means you can even user profiler in production.

Stop excuses!, embrace measure-based performance tuning, is just two clicks away!


Lightweight Profiler

The profiler also records statistics for every WPF / ASP.Net request (request Count and Sum/Min/Max/Average duration) .

With this information, you can have an overview of what operations are, on average, slowing down the server. 

This feature is not memory-hungry so can be enabled by default. 

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