Cn yr app snd SMS?

The SMS module let you create and send messages to any mobile phone. You can create a new SMS from the scratch writing all the text, or you can design templates for the common scenarios, like noticing a customer the shipping of an order.

Templating and space restrictions

Don't take care of special characters or space limitations when you are writing the text of your messages: the system knows what characters are not in the SMS alphabet and allows you to replace them with a click.

Using SMS templates you can combine data from your business (for example your customer's name, an order amount, etc.) in the text of the message. What if the resultant text exceeds the maximum length of an SMS message? No problem, you can configure the template to either send it anyway (typically receiving two messages on the phone), trim the message or throw an exception.

SMSTemplate in Signum.Windows:

SMSTemplate in Signum.Web:

Tracking Messages

All the sent messages are stored in database, so you can see at any moment the SMS received by a certain user. Also you can update the status of an SMS (from the information of your SMS or phone-line provider) in order to know if the SMS has been sent or is effectively received by the user.

Connect with your SMS Provider

In order to connect your application with your SMS or phone-line provider you just must implement ISMSProvider interface with one function to send the message and (if supported by your provider) another to send SMS batches or update the status of a message. Any other functionalities (composition, templates, storing, processes...) are covered by the module.

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