Configurable toolbar menu

Toolbar extension contains the entities, logic and UI elements to give you a configurable menu on the left (or Top) of your main layout. 

Some features: 

  • The Toolbar can be configured dynamically, without requiring a deployment, by any user that has write permissions on ToolbarEntity.
  • Different types of elements can be included, like static Queries, UserQueries, UserCharts, Dashboards, or custom Urls. 
  • They can also be grouped in collapsable groups, or splited with dividers. 
  • The elements can have custom colors and icons.
  • For Queries or UserQueries, a 'count' can be choosen as the icon, effectivly becoming a mini-dashboard. 
  • The Toolbar will be automatically simplified when the user doesn't have have permissions for some elements. 

That's it, not too fancy, but quite usefull. 

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