Automatic execution of SQL scripts and C# processes on deployment


Migrations allow you to stream line your deployments by executing your SQL scripts and C# processes automatically from the command line. Just configure your continuous integration environment and enjoy easy deployments. 

There are two types os migrations:

SQL Migrations

By just versioning SQL Scripts by the date they where created, and ensuring that no new migrations can be created if the previous ones have not been executed, we can build a robust chain of migrations that will simplify our deployment process. 

The scripts are environment independent, so they work on database with different names. 

Aditionaly, LastMigration.txt ensures that, if two use​rs create new migrations at the same time, the merge will fail alerting that some migrations should be re-created. 

C# Migrations

After the SQL Migrations have been executed and the database schema fits perfectly, we can execute some process using C#, the LINQ provider and your own business logic. 

The processes will be executed just once, and in the order they have been registered. 

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