AMV - Xenasegur

Insurance ERP 2.0

Complete ERP for an insurance company specializing in motorcycles, with a portal for external insurance brokers. The most important accomplishments of this project are:

  • Allows the management of Motorcycle, Ski Jet, Home and Car insurances.
  • Solves all the functionality of the four main departments: Management, Claims, Accounting and Document reception. 
  • Connects to, or exposes, more than 10 different web-services including partners, online brokers, official registries...
  • The minimization of human intervention -virtually 0% in the effective administration of policies and payments.
  • Application access using both Windows (Signum.Windows – WPF) and Web (Signum.Web - Asp.Net MVC).
  • Isolation system so each company has their own data (LOPD). 
  • Type condition system so each broker can only view the policies, receipts, and customer invoices that belong to their broker.

Sierra Nevada

Ski Resort ERP

Complete web ERP for managing a Ski Resort with an integrated catalog portal. Including:

  • Catalog not only Ski Passes, but rent hotel room and ski equipment, reserve ski cases and courses and the organization of events and competitions. 
  • A complex price list calculation system depending on season, beneficiary type, number of days, number of hours, client segments, etc... combined with special discounts with dynamic conditions and a powerful pack system to combine different products.   
  • End-users can manage their accounts, and related accounts (i.e. children), upload photos, receive alerts and SMS, visualize previous purchases and control the printing state of their fidelity cards. 
  • Different types of sale partners and suppliers (Hotels, Ski schools, Renting shops,...) have access to the web to see their received orders and reservations, customize products descriptions and images, change prices and seasons calendars and control availabilities and settlements. 
  • Call-center operators can manage any aspect of the application, using the powerful Search Control, Charting and Dashboards. 
  • Integrated marketing tools to send emails, SMS, categorize users through segments etc...
  • Multi-language using code and data localization.

Ucalenda / Unono

Universitary Social Network

Swiss university network, developed using ASP.Net MVC for the front-end and Signum.Web for administration. The main features of this project are:

  • Optimized user experience for a social web for the general public.
  • Typical tools of social networking: comments, tags, messages, profiles, mailing ...
  • Management solution capable of multi-university, using subdomains for different sites.


International investment projects tracking system

Tracking system for international inverstments projects, a client-server application developed using Signum.Windows (WPF). The key points of this solution:

  • Attractive user-configurable workflow, with design view and temporal view.
  • Algorithm tools for auto planning and optimal resource allocation.
  • Currency converter built into the application.
  • Exportation of various reports in Excel with a wealth of formats to show the progress of operations at different levels.


RESEVI - Automated communication system

Automated system that independently manages communication with the Registry for Live Insurance RESEVI (Registro de Seguros de Cobertura de Fallecimiento o Registro de Seguros de Vida) through the portal of the Ministry of Justice, mandatory for all insurance companies with live insurances in Spain. Key points:

  • Files are signed with a digital certificate to fulfill the requirements of the Ministry of Justice: signature algorithm SHA1 with RSA, in PKCS#7 format (CMS Criptographic Message Syntax) and BASE64 encoded.
  • It uses the communication protocol indicated by the Ministry of Justice (SOAP with Attachments), successfully implemented on the. Net platform.
  • Two different strategies were used for the file creation and transmission: an integrated management system where information is updated in real-time every time you register, edit or cancel a policy; and one which checks all data on the system to generate the file, through a high-performance module that processes more than three hundred thousand records in less than 2 minutes.


PREFIVA - Automated communication system

Standalone system that manages communication with the vehicle insurance company FIVA (Fichero Informativo de Vehículos Asegurados), mandatory for all insurance companies that cover motor vehicles in Spain. Highlights of the project:

  • Replicating the logic of FIVA, so as to eliminate almost all errors that can be sent, thus avoiding the penalties to the company on the part of the management.
  • Reduced generation times of files from several hours to a few seconds.
  • Synchronized at all times with FIVA, with the use of a process which corrects any possible difference with the customer database.
  • Allows queries to FIVA 08 (information relating to incidents) easily and quickly.


Insurance ERP 1.0

We developed an integral insurance management system for a major insurance company. The most significant achievements of this project are:

  • The total migration of all data (hundreds of thousands of insurance policies) from the legacy system, which was accomplished in record time, without the need to halt the activity of the company at any moment.
  • Rates: The pricing engine was completely reprogrammed, improving performance 100x.
  • Document Classification: The system can classify and identify documents, automatically associating the entities that require alerting, allowing the continuation of the workflow of the business.
  • Large-scale printing: renovation letters, commercial offers, claims processing... all high volumes managed by the system.