Signum Extensions is a set of open source (LGPL) vertical modules built on top of Signum Framework for solving many common technical challanges, like Authorization, Process, Scheduled Tasks, Mailing...


Since a vertical module contains all the necessary moving parts (Entities, Logic, Queries, Windows and Web UI), integrating a module in your application means usually just calling a Start method. 

* Prices per Year, Project and Developer. Check out Licensing for more info.

I'm not a developer, but if Signum Framework is what let's me explore data, draw charts, create email and SMS templates and sync translations in real-time, I like it!.

Juan Manuel Civantos Marketing Sierra Navada

We have two solutions, one big Windows application that can work disconnected and a smaller Windows / Web application. Using Signum Framework we move our knowledge from one applications to the other.

Marcel Numeijer Software Developer at Peterson

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